Angel Wishes: How Love Truly Begins

Two broken relationships lead to two broken hearts, but the angel Michael has plans. 

It's Christmas Eve and everyone is leaving early when the potential new owner of the company calls for the legal documents. Celeste, who has no one to go home to since she knows her cheating boyfriend is about to dump her, she volunteers to go the twenty miles to the home of the new boss.

Adam is more angry than heartbroken. He is planning to propose to his girlfriend of four years when she tells him she is marrying another man. Not only is the other man 75 years old, he is one of the wealthiest men in the country and perhaps soon to be deceased.

When two aching hearts get caught in a blizzard with no one to comfort them but each other, anything can happen.

What they both don't know is that their love was made in heaven… literally.

Angel Wishes: How Love Truly Begins is a quirky romance where Michael the angel tries his hand at matchmaking, but he isn't alone, he has the blessings of a higher power.

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Angel Wishes: How Love Truly Begins">