Finally, I will be releasing a novel I have been working on for about 3 years. I started this novel some time ago, wrote the first few chapters and put it aside due to my busy schedule taking on ghostwriting projects.


I wanted to make the novel shine, make it different from anything else I have written. I decided to take my time creating this story so that I wouldn't fall short in any aspect. I wrote several other books during the last couple of years, but never felt the need to push this one until now.

I really hope I don't disappoint myself when the product is completed. 

So here is the cover, an abstract. This is unlike me. I always use a model on my covers, however, I decided to go abstract for this one because I could not find the perfect cover model for It. I tried several males and females, but nothing seemed to work. And then the idea of 'simpler is better' popped into my head and viola, I had new cover! I love it. Don't you?


So much for babbling. Here is the story:-

Title: The Inheritance

Genre: Romantic  Suspense

Subgenres: Billionaire romance, interracial romance

Release date: Will go on Pre-order middle of July and released end of July

Main characters: Sebastian Gayle and Summer Hyde

A man lays dying on his bed, observing the greedy faces of his two older children as they wait for his last breath to pass. Kenneth has other plans. He knows he's living his last moments, but the one he wants to see  has not yet arrived. He must wait to bid his youngest son goodbye and to tell him something he should have told him a long time ago.

As his youngest son, Sebastian, rushes into the bedchamber, Kenneth Gayle smiles. With his weak hand he beckons his son over and whispers in his ear with his final breath.

Summer finishes her degree program early, earning her Master of Business Administration and Consultation in record time. She badly needs sleep and most of all to see her mother.  She expects to work at WPG Industries in the coming months, starting as front line staff as per her sponsorship agreement. What Summer least expects is to head the company as stated in Kenneth Gayle's will. 

Conflict develops as Kenneth's two eldest children fight for position at WPG. Summer wants to honor Kenneth's wishes but finds it quite difficult as her life becomes endangered.

Sebastian, who tries to stay away, and refuses to have anything to do with the family business, finds himself fighting for a girl he hardly knows. All he knows is that he must protect her at all cost, from the siblings he knows will destroy her.

Maybe Kenneth is smiling from the grave as his cunning plan begins to bear fruit.

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