I know, it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post here. However, I have been extremely busy fulfilling a lifelong dream. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I never in a million years thought that it would be this complicated. Therefore, I am trying my best to simplify what it means to be an independent author.


Before I tell you all what’s coming next, I’ll tell you why I said ‘complicated’.

As my name is Carolee Samuda, when I started publishing it was natural that I’d use my name. The first short story I published years ago was under my full name. Then someone said, since you also intend to publish children’s stories, you should consider a pen name for your ‘adult’ books. He meant books with ‘R’ rated content. I Created a pen name Emerald (my birth stone) Strachan (my mother’s maiden name).

I published my children’s book under my real name and removed the short story.

In 2016 when I decided to take this thing seriously, I published under the name C. D. Samuda, which I thought represented me. Everything was going fine until I realized that people who read contemporary romances don’t want to read sc-fi and fantasy. I realized that they aren’t crazy readers like me.

Most people are genre junkies. They don’t read anything they put their hands on. They read a particular author or genre and rarely step outside of that. By this time, I didn’t feel comfortable with the pen name Emerald Strachan because my mom is pastor and the sci-fi books had hanky panky. I created a pen name that would suit the genres of sc-fi-, fantasy, paranormal and anything beyond the ordinary. The change went well with the new pen name.

About three months ago I published a steamy start to a Caribbean based series under C. D. Samuda. The sales were nonexistent and I lost some subscribers right after sending out the newsletter about the release. My most successful book to date is “His Sacrifice for Love” a clean read romance and book 1 in the series.

I had to think hard about whether to continue publishing the new series under this name or not. I did not want to mix genres, therefore it was either letting the book remain and lose clean read audience or create a new pen name for steamy content.

I created a new pen name for steamy content.

Some authors frown upon pen names.  I’ve met one such author who thinks that a pen name means you’re hiding because you don’t think your book is good enough. I think that person is too normal.

A pen name doesn’t mean I am hiding, it means I am distinguishing one genre from the other and separating my audiences. The fact that I cross post my books, and all my social media audiences know of those pennames is proof I have nothing to hide… er… except for pen name # 3 or author name # 4.

I have a 4th author name – or a 3rd pen name (C. D. Samuda is my actual name, not a pen name). This I will never disclose, not yet anyway. Not only because I want to experiment with this genre, but because it’s  a male name and I want to see how much it is received in this male dominated genre. Yes, it might be deception, but that’s my business.

Anyway, enough about this complicated publishing matter.

What’s new for C. D. Samuda?

The next novel to be released under this name is a novel I have been working on for the last couple of years. It should have been the first one to be released but as fate would have it, the Love’s Abandon series couldn’t wait.

“The Inheritance” will be released some time late summer or early fall. It’s a full length stand alone and I will post more on it when the time is near.

Due to the multiple pen names and some collaborations in the making, I may not be able to release anything more with the C. D. Samuda brand this year. I am disappointed because I have another novel I wanted released this year. It’s called “Free Fall”. I am so looking forward to completing and publishing that novel. But it has to wait due to pending surgery on my wrist.

However, if you like steamy romances and other genres check out the following websites for more of my books.


  • Diana Flame is a sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural and anything beyond the ordinary author. You can find her website by clicking this link. Her latest release, The Cinderella Plan is available on Amazon.
  • Emerald Kingston – thanks to Daisy Mariposa for suggesting the last name – is a steamy romance author. Most of her books will be based in the Caribbean, but you never know, love has a way of finding you any where. Check out Check Mate here.

So it’s goodbye for now. I will post more on these new novels as the release dates draw near. Have a great weekend.

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