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Captain Katarina Salisbury of the airship the Iron Lady and propaganda tool for the Illisian government, has been given a very simple assignment; to go and rescue villagers threatened with avalanches in the far southern Drezusk Mountains.

With unwelcome nobles on her vessel, diminishing part of her fame and good press from the venture, she is determined to do her duty and be done with them as quickly as possible.
They destroy an avalanche within reach of the village on their first day in the valley.

Except the fall of the avalanche reveals something beneath the tumbling snow and rock; a hidden monastery of a dead religion, never seen before this far south on the Illisian continent.
It’s stone doors are opened to reveal a secret, and something malicious moves in the shadows, to keep that secret.

Captain Katarina Salisbury is drawn to the monastery, she struggles against forces that would stop her. As the weather worsens she is forced to make choices for herself and the future of the Iron Lady.


A little about the author

I grew up in a household that loved and revered books and the world of fantasy.

I can’t count how many times my mother read Nargan and the Stars or the Hobbit to us, and we loved every minute.

Growing up in such a place all I wanted to do was tell stories, from a little girl to a teenager putting emotions to paper it was all naively innocent and fostered a love for the written word, but a knowledge that whatever I wrote wasn’t right.

Several lost novels and many years later I came across an idea that grew into a series I couldn’t fathom had so much depth; The Last Prophecy.

In worlds were a single person has a chance to change the world for the better wouldn’t you? These stories are what I decided to write and publish, and they are filled with all the hopes, dreams, and deceptions of the real world. . To learn more about E. J. read her complete bio HERE.




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