2016 has been a devastating year for many people, including myself. I almost went off the deep end due to certain events. But being the strong woman I am, I picked myself up and started moving ahead, determined to succeed.

I want to tell all my detractors that I will not compromise on my integrity, nor will I back away from what I believe to be right. There are those that will want me compromise on what I believe to be true, and I will not. I will not lie, nor will I lower myself to the level in which you want to drag me. I have had enough!

I cried peace because I wish to move ahead, but remaining silent does not mean I have given up my right. Therefore, for those who seek hold me back, too bad, I've already stepped ahead.

Don't waste your time on old grudges. In a few days, it will be a new year. Let's move past the old and step into the new. I will not be looking back, rehashing old battles. I will be getting to a place where I can become the author I need to be, regardless of those who want to stop me. Please do the same. I have reinvented myself and I urge those who are stuck on the past to do so as well.

I urge you my friends and those who are not, get past the old and step into the new. Let sleeping dogs lie, because that dog you see resting, may be a lion in disguise.

I want to be left in peace to fulfill my dreams. Though my trust is shattered and my confidence slipped a bit, I am determined to be a better person. I will not waste my energies going back. I will spend my time perfecting my brand, making money and becoming the author I have always wanted to be.

It's always amazing that people will hurt you and never say sorry, but when they feel wronged they make demands. Don't be the person who cannot say sorry for hurting someone. Be that person who can look into himself and accept responsibility for his own actions.

There is an Indian drama called The Promise which airs on my local television station. It's about a couple who were married for 12 years, living happily, until the man's college girlfriend showed up and seduced him. Being his first love, he believed her to be his true love, given that his marriage was an arranged one. He walked out of his home, but soon realized how jealous he was of other men wanting his wife. He also soon realized that he loved his wife and not this girl. The girl soon realized the man she so desperately wanted loved his wife and not her. She did everything in her power to destroy this woman, including trying to kill her but ended up killing the man. Ten years later she is still trying to destroy the man's wife blaming her for everything wrong in her life.

Watching this drama reminds me of some people who can't see the wrong they did. They blame others for their own downfall and will spend all the money they have to destroy someone they felt did them wrong. These people are narcissistic, a mental disorder that makes the person unable to recognize when they have erred. 

If you are reading this and this applies to you, please let 2017 be the year you change. Try getting past the old stuff and look forward to greater things happening in your life. Accept responsibility for your actions and move away from hate and malice.

Forgiveness is hard, but when the pain becomes just a memory, it will be just an experience. I have forgiven those who have hurt me. It's very tasking to live with unforgiveness in one's heart. It only hurts me and no one else. I urge those who have that grudge buried deep, to let it go and be happy. Imagine how happy you can be if you let it go. Those you hate are living life to the fullest while you are hurting yourself with malice.

Make peace with yourself, it's worth it.

Happy and prosperous 2017, and may the light of the Lord encompass you about as you seek to make the year a great one.

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