Hi there, it’s been so long since I wrote a post. I’ve been super busy trying my best to survive.
Let me get to the point of this here post. Let’s talk about human sexuality and how I feel about it. I warn you, this is my personal opinion on the issue based on my views as a Christian and a human being.

First, I would like to define certain aspects of human behavior and phrases used to describe people before I tell you how I feel and think.

Sexuality: the capacity for sexual feelings or sexual activity

Sexual preference: The preference one shows by having a sexual interest.

Let’s jump right into the meat of the matter. Is homosexuality a choice? Is homosexuality a preference?

As a heterosexual female, I don’t choose the sex or gender I am attracted to. Since I was a child, I have always been attracted to males. Testing myself, I place a female, one that’s attractive, even sexy and a male before, and ten times out of ten, I am attracted to the male. In my opinion, I don’t; choose to be heterosexual. From this perspective, sexuality is not a choice.

One does not choose who they are attracted to sexually. Sexuality comes from an attraction based on adrenaline and other factors that allows the human sexuality to peek. If this was a choice many people would change their sexuality. Homosexuals who have been ridiculed, disowned by family and abused in society would choose to be straight. I don’t think anyone choose to be gay if it would cause them to lose their loved ones or even face death, as in many countries where they are put to death because of this.

Now on to sexual reference
I also think it’s ridiculous to say one’s sexuality a sexual preference. A preference, IMO, leaves room for choices. Take for instance, you place chocolate milk and strawberry milk before me. I am a chocoholic so naturally I will say chocolate milk is my preference. However, after consuming the chocolate milk I get food poisoning and every time I see it I throw up. I begin to hate chocolate milk, so I become attached to strawberry milk instead. Now my preference is the strawberry milk.
I would say that sexual preference is the choice you make in choosing a partner, regardless of your sexuality. I don’t choose every guy that comes my way. I have a preference in the men I choose to sleep with. That’s sexual preference, NOT my sexuality.

My sexuality is not a preference. I don’t prefer being heterosexual. That’s who I am as a sexual being. There was never a choice for me. Having a preference, as I said before, leaves room for change.

However, when it comes to bisexuality, where someone is attracted to both sexes, one can safely say that they may have a choice as to whom they partner with. A bisexual can choose a male or female partner. They may prefer a male partner as opposed to a female partner and vice versa.

The conclusion on the matter is, unless someone declares to be bisexual, there is no choice for them as to their sexuality. Even a bisexual cannot help being attracted to both genders, they can, however, choose who they want to be with at a given time. Or they can prefer one gender over the other.

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