So I am very frustrated with playing poker online but I can’t seem to stop. The culprit of course is Zynga poker which seems to be more addictive than all the other poker rooms I found. I haven’t played Allstars yet because that’s real money poker! Of course I am talking about free poker games but beware, they have a way of draining the pockets.

Here is how Zynga tricks you. They offer you all these free chips and when you are new you win, win and win. If you lose all your chips and you want to keep playing before they decide to replenish you, you nave to make a purchase….minimum $5 and you get loads of chips. What these tricksters do is deplete your chips really fast for you to make another purchase.

So I am angry with Zynga for their shenanigans but more than that I am p*ssed at the players! Yes, you have some really awful people playing poker online. I play different poker brands but Zynga is my favorite and I play Zynga on three platforms. I play on the Zynga site, on Google+ and especially on Facebook.

Facebook seems to be the worst of them all as you are at risk for stalkers, racists and naggers. Plus you get these bluffers who know nothing about poker who, if you are not careful, you start cussing and swearing.

I have been the target of stalkers and racists on FB. The stalking scared me and the racist thing made me angry but I get frustrated by people who bet stupidly. Here is a scenario. The table deals Qh-9d-Kh-8h-6c and the player goes all in. Your had is Qd-5s, so you think okay this person has a flush or a higher pair of Ks so you fold and someone else challenge the guy.  The fool has 4d-2c and the winner has 5d-6s. The winner takes the pot with the smallest pair playing the board.

A guy comes in the Shootout room, raises the bet bey have his chips (500) so you fold, another challenges and then the fool folds. Now if you follow these idiots, you will see his bet or raise, even if you have nothing like he does. These people annoy the crap out of me. So what do I do? I annoy the crap right back out of them by being patient, persevering their stupidity and winning their chips, then laughing my head off.

Don’t play poker when you are:

  • upset
  • sleepy
  • hungry
  • annoyed
  • depressed (losing has made me cry real tears) lol
  • not prepared to lose.
  • not prepared to win either
Poker addiction leads to poker frustration…………………………

4 thoughts on “Online Poker Addiction…..Bad

  1. I always wondered what all those people were doing on Zynga games.
    I have played Poker live, with real people on two occasions and won both times.
    I cannot stand gambling in general, so have only played it to be sociable. I can see why people get mad if they lose their money.
    Didn’t realise it was full of a’holes too?

    Nice to finally hook up with you on Blogspot.


    1. Hi Micheal, it’s not real money but it’s still seems that way sometimes…lol. I started playing on Google+ and was okay until I lost my brother I started playing more frequently. I play with real people too and I must tell you that I am sooooo darn addicted….hehehe.

      Thanks Micheal, nice to be hooked up!

  2. Online poker might seem like fun and free online poker might be seen like even more fun, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Please at least consider stop playing, you can read my blog to give you a sense of what you’re letting yourself in for; the fact that you have an addiction is not funny — it will really mess you up so address the addiction not the game and get yourself out of this mess

    1. Hi Phil, the truth is I really needed the distraction from dealing with the grief of losing my brother but I really don’t think I am that addicted. I play when I am bored but I work most of the time so don’t have as much time on my hands like before. I will checkout your blog and I have stopped making purchases when I realized what they were doing. Thanks for stopping by.

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