As I visited my email inbox this morning, I saw a comment from someone whom I admire and have a little Hub-crush on. He is handsome and reminds me a lot of one of my favorite British actors of all time, Sean Connery.As I replied to the comment the thought came to me “No man is an Island!” I realized that without each other we can’t really enjoy our existence. Life would be dull and worthless. You may ask if I am just now realizing this? No, I knew that before, but when we are on the internet we kinda take things for granted. We know we need traffic and people to read our stuff, but we don’t really think about those people as humans.

We post our articles and forget them, hoping people will read and click on an ad so we can make money. What we forget is that those same people we want to click on ads are probably needing the same things we do. We need each other. We are not alone in the world wide web. We are a collection of individuals who cannot survive without each other.

I thought no one would read my diary, but alas someone did. Without that person I would be all alone here. I need the reader. I need you.

I encourage you out there on the web to take the time to be human. Be civil to each other. Leave insightful comments. Don’t just do this for the money, take the time to get to know someone

Have a great day!

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